bavaria goes salzkammergut

only few pictures from last weekend’s trip to salzkammergut. bavaria’s verfechters basti, jules and hiasl took me in their caravans to spend two wet days. yeah, guys, weather was hell of a rain, but kept the levels high.

sölk1finally we might have been too picky with the rivers which resulted in quite a lot of driving. nevertheless we did verfechter’s first descent of lower sölk gorge (from the confluence), upper große sölk (mössna gorge), gosaubach and koppentraun.

sölk2as you see on the pictures sölk gorge turned out to be a canyoning trip with boat support. approximately 3 cubes is far too less, but we enjoyed the portages anyway. low to medium flow on upper sölk and gosaubach and a marvellous big koppi flow (1,58m on the gauge).

sölk3cultural programm was as ambitious as boating. after having dealt the cows successfully i was introduced in the art of “schafkopfen”. despite eight years of oberpfalz i managed to avoid this typical game of bavarian folklore gambling. on a rainy saturday evening, four guys stuffed in the trunk of basti’s van, i learned to do the correct “sauspiel”, playing the “wenz” and to search for the “blaue sau”.

although rainy, another cool verfechter’s weekend.

hope to see you again before norway’s hadj.

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  1. Herr Stoiber

    Mensch Scheuer, jetzt bin ich der einzige verbleibende der nicht Schafkopfen kann!

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