frigido – a hidden gem embedded in white marble

dario boofs the weir at frigido creek

dario boofs the weir at frigido creek

yeah, guys, back at the computer after a long-slept morning at dario’s.

yesterday was a great day. the rain wasn’t as much as promissed so we went to tuscany home run two highway exits south of lerici. just a few kilometres from carrara (the place where the famous marble comes from) the valley of frigido awaited us near the town of massa.

just a short cut into the alpi apuane the frigido is rather hidden between the costal towns. narrow slopes, sometimes cliffs, marble factories and stuffed mountain villages don’t leave much space to the river. the scenery reminded me to the guiers mort in french chartreuse mountains in its lower classic section. probably because both of the  runs end with a high vertical dam which can be run. 

to all lyon veterans laughing out loud now: the white water is much better than on guiers mort. and of course 12 degree and no snow!

we started the run on a side affluent crossing a deep and narrow canyon. it looked so nice. the drops between the undercut walls looked like one metre high or so. my friends seemed having this paddled  many times so i went into my kayak very calm.

once in the gorge my confidence dwindled. low water, cliffs and rocks everywhere, no space to put the boof strokes. of course the drops were not 1 but rather 2 metres.

i melted the fall completely, plopped back like a bouchon, flipped to the front, pulled the paddle like hell and hoped to be out of the tow-back. luckily, i was. to set up rescue would have been a hard task.

afterwards, i was told that this was just the second descent of this gorge. 

joining the confluence around 8 cubes filled the river bed. the run is just about 4 km, but a never-ending boulder slalom, small drops up to 1,5 m, a crazy slide in the middle of the village forno, and and and.

the most spectacular “rapid” is a 5m artificial dam where all the water goes together just 3 m wide. the boiling pot with a big mushroom is intimidating. dario showed us the line while we prefered to take the safe road next-by.

the colour of the water is turquoise green, the rapids consist partially of marble. perfect day!!!

ok, guys, i should finish now.

in ten minutes riccio fetches us at the house and we are going to the bagnone.

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