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talbachtage 2010 and paddlers’ protest on june 19th

ahoi verfechters!
on june 19th there gonna happen the 5th talbachtage in schladming. probably this event will be the last time as schladming’s paddlers need a break, but also because of untertalbach is going to be dammed!!!!
to save the river, paddlers are engaging in a final attempt.
there will be a demonstration in schladming also on june 16th.
it would be great if verfechters could join the crowd. at least for me, untertalbach is absolutely unique in this part of the alps. waterfalls and huge slides in the end of june! there is no other such a river!

please check the news here:

there is also a petition running:

please sign the petition and hopefully see many of you to support our friends from salzburg/styria!