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Verfechter days 2011

hey verfechter and friends!

we proudly announce the ….


Update: you can now find the preliminary timetable for all the events on the verfechter days 2011 page!

yeah, it is already our 7th edition and we are not getting tired of it. this year there will be some new things about the verfechter days. first of all it is the place. after several times on isel, oetz and now even valais, we decided to keep the party near so that also weekenders can join easily. the verfechter days 2011 will take place on river inn in engadine (switzerland).
also the date is a lot earlier, thanks to better water in mid-summer and the verfechter stikine expedition in september. the verfechter days 2011 will take place from july 22nd to 24th.
Location: Cinuos Chel (Brail) at the Camping Chapella.
Check these pages when the event approaches, as there will be some special features. take care!

see you soon on the river,