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Put-in to the Upper Boite in the Dolomites.

Put-in to the Upper Boite in the Dolomites.

Hello everybody! Thanks for everyone who made Verfechter Days 2014 what it is: The best paddlers’ party in the world! Verfechter Days is more than kayaking with friends. It is making new friends. For me it is amazing to see the guys performing in the Klemmer Games, building up the team, taking the scores (or not!) and after surviving the challenge going together on class 5. That is why we do it year by year! Even negotiations with the camp site are hard sometimes!

My special thanks goes out to the Polish community. Honestly, I didn’t know that there are so many white water kayakers in Polish. And believe me, I am so proud to welcome all of you, from Krakow, from Wroclaw, from Warszawa and, yeah man, even from Gdansk. You are Polska Raketa! See you again!

Thanks to our sponsors: (Markus Kapfer), °hf – Paddle People (Jutta Kaiser), Sweet (Olli Grau), Peak UK (Pete Astles), White Water Wear (Pauline Bröcher, Gregor Hüttner, Nils Trojak), Kanu Magazin.

And for the Lucky Losers: As always there are some things left over (not only empty bottles of beer and broken boats). If you miss something, give me a ring (0-0-4-9-1-7-6-7-0-0-8-1-7-1-9). We got kayak shirts, neoprene, a knife, a sling …

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