Verfechtertage 2014 – English Info

All girls and boys! Get rid of your old gowns. The mother (in the best sense) of all celebrations is turning ten. Yet the candles fit on the cake and be sure of one thing, we will blow them all out. We know where you´ll be able to get your slice, but it is not going to be a piece of cake. Its gonna be more than just a halfhearted breeze, more than a lame grin, the boof will be enormous and raise a rosy smile. Those of you who feel lost in that maze of mashed up metaphors allow yourselves to be massively amazed at Verfechtertage 2014.
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Here come the hard facts:

Who? Everyone that enjoys boating and having a great party. The Puster Valley has something to offer for everyone. Demanding creakaingeven those of us who prefer running class 3 will be finding plenty of joyful runs in the area. Beginners and Greenhorns simply team up on the river Rienz, put-in and take-out for some stretches of easy river running directly at the camp.
When? 19th to the 22nd of June 2014
Where? Camping Hotel Gisser, near Kiens, South Tyrol / Alto Adige (9€ / per night per person)
What? The best wave, what did you expect? The Dolomite Alps and the southern faces of the Zillertaler Mountains are awaiting you with the biggest snowpack of all times. The area is gifted with a number of classic runs such as the Rienz Gorge, Reinbachfälle, Gaderbach and Defereggenbach. Bring along creek boats and take potluck with us.

Was that all? Definitely not, we just got started. Celebrating the anniversary we are putting together a worthy program. We want you, as you all are the Verfechtertage! Send us your ideas and suggestions of great activities and awesome adventures you wish to contribute or just want to help out with getting this great event going. Mail to

See you!


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